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Hearing Loss

We educate the people of Rhode Island on the causes and effects of hearing loss.

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The Importance of Good Hearing Health

Hearing loss is the decreased ability to hear certain sounds in one or both ears. There are different degrees of hearing loss ranging from mild to severe. Regardless of the degree of hearing loss you may have, it’s important to have your hearing evaluated by a professional. On the surface, hearing loss may seem to only affect your ability to hear some sounds, but it can affect your ability to efficiently communicate and process information. When left untreated, hearing loss can lead to serious health conditions, such as dementia and even Alzheimer’s.

We hear and process information when sound reaches the auditory cortex of the brain. Our brain needs our hearing in order to remain active and healthy. Hearing loss affects our brain’s ability to recognize certain sounds or frequencies. This results in the brain eventually forgetting those sounds and having to work even harder just to understand conversation. If hearing loss is left untreated, you may begin to feel embarrassed or too tired to interact with other people. This can lead to social isolation and often results in cognitive decline. It’s important to come visit us at Twin Rivers Hearing Health if you suspect you have hearing loss. Dr. Uchmanowicz can test your hearing and help you find a solution so you can hear – and communicate – your best again.

Hearing and Your Body

Many people don’t realize the impact hearing loss has on the body. Hearing loss doesn’t only affect your mental health, but it can affect your overall well-being as well. Dr. Uchmanowicz has seen that often times patients who have hearing loss also experience balance issues. This is because our sense of balance comes from the cochlea which is located in the inner ear near the hearing nerve. Damage to the hearing nerve resulting in hearing loss can also cause you to feel spatially disoriented and to experience an increase in falls. Dr. Uchmanowicz can help you regain your balance and decrease the number of falls you may experience with counseling and hearing aids. Don’t let hearing loss affect your well-being, make an appointment with us today and start your journey to better hearing.

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