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COVID Office Policy

We are back to our normal business hours.  However, we are still following the RI Guidelines for the safety of our patients and staff.  Please read our office policy listed below: 

We are seeing patients only by a scheduled appointment   (this includes repairs/hearing aid supplies).  No walk-ins will be allowed.  If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:  chills, fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle or body aches, sore throat, headache, nausea or vomiting, runny or stuffy nose, diarrhea, fatigue, recent loss of smell, please call the office to re-schedule your appointment.  If you have been in close contact with anyone with COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19 or have been recently tested for COVID-19, we ask that you re-schedule your appointment, as you will not be allowed in the office, until you have self-quarantined for 14-days.  .  At this time, we are only allowinig the patient in the office.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  When you arrive for your appointment, call the office and we will come to get you.  

If your hearing aid(s) are in need of repair, please call the office at (401) 349-0456 or e-mail us at and we will assist you.  

Thank you. 


Testimonials and Awards

"I'm happy I made the decision to go to Twin Rivers. Mary Kay is awesome. If you have a problem, she gets it fixed. I had a couple of minor issues and she fixed the problem and made sure I was happy with the results. Lee is also very pleasant and a joy to talk with. I cannot say enough about them both."

~ Tim T. from Blackstone, RI

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Mary Kay Uchmanowicz's Practice has been recognized as one of the top Smithfield Audiology practices.
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Dr. Uchmanowicz (“Dr. Mary Kay”) of Twin Rivers Hearing Health, Inc

Welcome to Twin Rivers Hearing Health, Inc.

Dr. Uchmanowicz (“Dr. Mary Kay”) is an award winner and has been the licensed owner of Twin Rivers Hearing Health, Inc. for the past ten years. She maintains a genuine rapport with her clients, who drive from miles around for the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss, ringing-in-the ears, musician monitors, and job-related hearing loss. She has been helping people with hearing problems for over 30 years.

Dr. Uchmanowicz recognizes that hearing loss often causes a communication breakdown between a patient and their family. That’s why she takes the necessary time in her "living room" office to help each patient find personalized hearing solutions and educate them about the available technology. In 2006, Dr. Uchmanowicz was nationally recognized as a "Focus on People Winner" for her work as a "hearing ambassador" to the people of the Philippines, examining and fitting them with donated hearing aids. Locally, she is a member of the Rhode Island Chapter of the National Aging in Place Council and educates people about how hearing help can allow seniors to remain self-reliant.

Dr. Uchmanowicz has been featured in a hearing loss article - click here to learn more!

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What We Do

Twin Rivers Hearing Health provides treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus to people of all ages in Rhode Island. We help everyone from newborns to senior citizens. We can help you improve your hearing in a way that primary care physicians cannot by selling, fitting, and maintaining hearing aids. We can also provide you with assistive listening devices like televisions and telephone amplifiers.

We also help people with noise-induced hearing loss due to job-related noise exposure by providing diagnostic workers with compensation evaluations, training them about hearing conservation, and supplying custom-made earplugs for protection. All this makes us the best choice for Audiology in Rhode Island.

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Why We're Different

Get to know more about what to expect from our services and the level of professionalism and care you can expect.

As an EarQ provider, Twin Rivers is the local provider for the hearing needs of the NFL Players Association and National Basketball Retired Players Association.

NFL Players Association at Twin Rivers Hearing Health, IncNational Basketball Retired Players Association at Twin Rivers Hearing Health, Inc


Proud Partner of Hearstrong

HearStrong at Twin Rivers Hearing Health

HearStrong was founded in 2013 with the goal of inspiring a mass hearing healthcare awareness movement. An estimated 48 million Americans experience hearing loss, and 80% of these individuals let it go unaddressed. This could be due to barriers such as social stigmas, financial difficulties, lack of awareness and resources, and more. In response to this need, HearStrong began recognizing and sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss in an effort to empower and inspire others to take control of their hearing health. The HearStrong Foundation recognizes outstanding adults and children with hearing loss and gives them a platform to empower and serve others in need of hearing care. Learn more today!

We also invite you to read an interview with Mary Kay on Healthy Hearing.

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HPHC at Twin Rivers Hearing Health, Inc

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

Twin Rivers Hearing Health is proud to announce that as of 6/27/18, we are now participating with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.

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Healthcare News

Learn more about hearing healthcare through the articles below.

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Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

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